INFP tip #8

As an INFP, it’s a lot easier to have great ideas than to achieve them. Sometimes it can lead to having a sense of failure, feeling worse and worse for every opportunity we didn’t take, and all those apparently unreachable dreams.

The first thing you need to realize is, this is not a bad thing. We are lucky to be able to think deeply and differently from most people, this makes our ideas more innovative and unique. We just need to put more effort to bring those great thoughts in the concrete world.

Things that help:

-Start somewhere. The first step is always the hardest. Every action will lead to another one and it will energize you.

-Break every goal into small steps. It will feel a lot less exhausting.

-You don’t need a throughout plan to start something. Anyways, the plan is ought to change in the process. You will never have a true conscience of what needs to be done until you do it.


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