INFP tip #15

Here are the 4 functions of INFP:

Introverted feeling – extraverted intuition – introverted sensing and extraverted thinking

You cannot change the fact that you are INFP. Your introverted feeling function will always be the most comfortable for you and the one you naturally go to first. It is an amazing function that makes us able to really feel deeply works of art for example. Unfortunately, it is not a very practical function in todays fast-paced, goal oriented, extraverted-friendly society. You should not repress your natural state, but there are things you can do to keep satisfied and happy in this world.

What you can change and that will help a lot, is develop as as much as possible your less preferred functions. And I believe it is absolutely crucial as an INFP to work on our minor function: the extraverted thinking.

This function is what keeps us grounded. It’s the logical function, the one that keeps us organized and reaching goals in life. Without it, we get totally lost in our head. When you address to someone with this function, you are more concrete and practical, more understood and respected.

We have it in us as INFPs, so we should use it as much as possible. The idea here is to use all the tools you already have to achieve a sane balance.


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