INFP tip #16

Illustration: Alvaro tapia idalgo

Another quick tip about introverted feeling. And a little story.

My father is an older man. He was raised by a very conservative family where he was told men have to hide their emotions. Even though he was raised this way and can appear very cold from the outside, I know he loves me more than anything in the world. I know it because even if he doesn’t smile that much, when he smiles at me I can see his eyes light up and I feel all the love and pride only by looking in his eyes. I know it because even though he is not the most cuddly person, from time to time he will wrap one arm around me for a second, or give me a pat on the back. And I don’t need much more to understand and feel what he feels.

Most people need to see more than that to understand that they are appreciated. I realized that some people thought I didn’t like them because I am an introverted feeler and keep most of my emotions to myself. I feel love for so many people and yet I struggle to let them know.

An easy and efficient way to show your appreciation to someone is to give them simple gifts. It can be small things like bringing cupcakes to work, or it can be a specific item you buy for a friend because it makes you think of them. This is a good, concrete way of saying thank you for being in my life.


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