INFP tip #17

Illustration – Faye Moorhouse

Don’t lose yourself trying to please other people. Of course it’s important to understand that different personalities work different ways, and to sometimes adapt to other people to be understood well.

It’s important to keep a balance between adapting to others and staying true to yourself. 

In this blog I like to show how we can push ourselves outside of our “comfort zone of thinking”. But it does not mean you have to become someone else. We all are unique individuals and we have to preserve what makes us unique.

I find one exercise very good for feeling peace of mind. It’s simply writing down things you are absolutely certain of. Things about you. Who you are. Make a list of those things. It can be anything. Here is an example:

-My name is —

-I am – years old

-I am female/male

-I love chocolate ice cream

-I am very good at drawing

-I like taking long walks in the forrest

-My favorite season in autumn


Our intuitive function makes us understand easily different opinions and visions of life. This exercise may seem very simple but it helps build a solid foundation you can go back to if you feel lost at times.


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