INFP tip #20

Illustration: Chris Sandlin

One of the strong aspect of INFPs is our ease to come up with new ideas, goals and dreams. We can almost dream our life away.

We are full of hope for the future.

It is a good thing, in a way, because we always have new ideas of what we could do and become.

Unfortunately, it can be very dangerous if we don’t pay attention and become too naïve about it.

Something very important to keep in mind is this simple thought:

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

It sounds very pessimistic, but it will help you stay grounded and careful in life.

Appreciate when something good comes your way, keep your dreams and don’t give up – but remember that it’s a hard road to get to your goals. It will not always be perfect. And it’s perfectly ok this way.


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