Introverts vs Extroverts

As introverts, we often fear to interrupt or annoy other people. At my job, I am silent most of the time and very work-focused. I naturally prefer to keep the talking for lunch time or during short breaks.

Next to me is a very extroverted colleague. He talks loudly, is not scared to ask questions to other people, sometimes randomly starts singing a song out loud or joking around.

We both have VERY different way of expressing ourselves.

While he sees his singing and joking as ways to maintain fun in the office and showing people his appreciation, I see this behavior as intruding and sometimes annoying.

While I believe it’s more respectful to be quiet, the extrovert sees it as if I don’t like him or other colleagues.

There is no better way to act, as we both want the same thing : to be nice and make the work environment pleasant. We just need to understand the way each of us work and make efforts to consider other people.

You should not act the same way with an introvert or an extrovert. For introverts who have to interact with extroverts, here are some tips:

– An extrovert is not scared of the spotlight, you can greet them, or thank them more loudly, in front of other people if you want, and they will love to have this positive attention.

-Don’t be scared to interrupt them. Sometimes, you will have no choice to do so, if you want your question answered and they keep going from a person to another. You will need to be more out there to attract the attention of an extrovert.

-If you need some time out or alone time, just tell them politely and find a quiet place somewhere else. When you are back with them, you can be more relaxed and talk a bit more since your demanding work is cleared now. Also, it’s better to be clear and straightforward so they know what’s going on and don’t assume you don’t like them. Don’t be scared to be blunt, as it will make things more clear. This will bring respect and positiveness.


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