Anxiety – part 4

Every time I catch myself feeling anxious and tense, I take a moment to notice what I am thinking, what makes me feel that way. I also started writing my thoughts down.

( see post anxiety – part3 for more info )

And it’s amazing how ridiculous these thoughts seem once I write them down.

It’s a very healing thing to do.

It brings things back in perspective.

And it’s also very funny.

So I thought I’d share some with you:

While applying aloe gel to my lips.
“Oh my god, people will think I am ridiculous for doing that, and that I’m disgusting and they will know my lips are dry.”

2. When a colleague talks to another colleague and I am near them but not included in the conversation. “They hate me and they don’t enjoy talking to me because I am boring and everyone around sees that nobody is talking to me and they all agree I’m lame.”

3. Leaving at 5pm because I am done with my work, one of the rare times I leave before my other colleagues. “My boss will judge me and be mad and think that I am not a hard worker and he will fire me for sure. My reputation is going down.”

4. Entering a shoe store and the seller comes see me and asks if I need help. “She thinks I have no style. I am not as good as her. I should not have come here I have nothing to do here I am not worthy of wearing such nice expensive boots.”

5. Turning around and walking back on the same street because I went the wrong way. “Everyone saw me and they think I am so stupid for walking the wrong way, they think I’m so weird for walking back and forth on the same street.”


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