INFP and anxiety – Part 1

INFPs are one of the types most prone to anxiety.

This is a very important subject to talk about, as it can really affect our quality of life. First, let’s see why INFPs have a tendency to have anxiety:

-We have a tendency to live in the future or the past. ( With all the regrets of the past and worries of the future, sometimes forgetting to live and appreciate the present moment )

-We are very self aware ( And sometimes self-conscious )

-We hate conflict ( We will walk on eggshells to avoid it )

-We are very idealistic ( We have a clear vision of perfection and have a hard time dealing with a feeling of being not up to that almost impossible vision )

-We are feelers ( Anxiety is a natural emotion that everyone experiences to different degrees, but for feelers it’s hard to let it go and rationalize it. )

Let’s not forget of course that all of these traits are great to have. We just have to learn to develop other traits to achieve healthy balance, and finally tame our anxiety.

Image : Manjit Thapp

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