“Ask the universe”

Here’s a little cheesy story to introduce this idea:

When I was younger, my mom always told me that if I really wanted something, I would get it. When I talked about goals that seemed unreachable, she would just say: Ask the universe, and you will get what you want.

This saying never made any sense to me, I don’t believe in magical thinking.

There is something very important in this idea though, and it’s the action of establishing clearly what you want in life.

Before you “ask the universe”, you have to know what you really want. And this is the true first step to getting it.

It seems often INFPs are full of dreams but rarely get to realize them. “N” types have this faculty to see lots of possibilities, and “P” types like to keep their options open, always ready to jump on the next big idea. People with both of these traits seem to have their effects multiplied, and so they end up running after too many things at the same time, and have a hard time reaching their goals.

Take the time to sit down and think about what you really want in life. You can write it down. Then, also think about which of these goals are your priorities. What is the most important to you, and what you can leave behind.

The world is full of possibilities, this will help when you have to choose between different options, ( should you take the new job offer? should you move out of the city with you new lover? should you get a puppy? ). If you know where you are heading, all your decisions will align to bring you closer to this goal.You will also be able to see more clearly all the opportunities that life gives you, to get there, and take them.

We have 24h in a day, we can’t do everything. We have to make sure we take some time in our days to work towards our true ambitions, what will make us truly fulfilled and happy in the long run. You should be doing things you really want. If not, you should be doing things that will bring you to what you really want. Your time is precious and it’s all yours.

Image: Society6

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