Learn from extroverts

Introverted people have many great strengths, such as the ease to think deeply about abstract ideas.

But the world is made of both introverts and extroverts, so we should learn from other personalities if we want successful and harmonious relationships.

Here are some things that can be really helpful for an introverted person to learn:

Take the habit of putting words on your thoughts. Being a person of a few words is a great thing and the fact that we think a lot before we speak can save us from many troubles, but we have to be careful not to be TOO silent – leaving all our thoughts to interpretation. For better or for worse. Sometimes we are very excited or happy and we will feel it strongly but it won’t be very apparent to the outside world because we will not necessarily jump around or smile exaggeratedly. It’s a good thing to simply say what we feel, without going against our natural tendency, simply state your feeling “I appreciate that you trust me and put me on this project.” “I’m very happy to see you.”
Introverts are usually very observing of other people. We will decode feelings in the smallest details of another person’s body language. Maybe that’s a reason why we don’t feel the need to express so much, thinking it’s obvious that we feel a certain way, but it’s not obvious to everyone. Keep some control on how people see you and the things you express by simply putting words on them.
Say and do what you want to. Be less worried about what others will think or feel, it’s their responsibility. Just like you need to care less about other people’s opinions and give less importance to hurtful things, you should also refocus on yourself and stop walking on eggshells. A majority of introverts are more sensitive than extroverts. And because we are hurt more easily, we can have a tendency to filter our thoughts and not fully express what we want. Stop feeling bad for disagreeing, you have the right to do things your way. Refocus on you, take care of yourself, and let other people take care of themselves.


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