So I was in a meeting with 4 people and after 1 hour this ESTJ guy realized the pen he was chewing the whole time was on the wrong side, and so his whole mouth was black.

Nobody had noticed until he said it out  loud “ oh shit I have been chewing this pen the whole time, is my mouth all black ?”

So we all looked at him and something incredible happened:

He did not die of embarrassment.

He laughed and said he felt so dumb, then left the room quickly but calmly, came back with his mouth clean and went on with the meeting, like nothing happened.

As INFPs, we have to take example of this and realize how it’s no big deal. We all make mistakes it does not mean we are a failure, it just means we are human. 

Leave regrets behind and move on.


2 thoughts on “INFP / ESTJ

  1. Gosh, I probably would have tasted the ink, realized what I had done, excused myself quickly, had a private meltdown in the bathroom when I saw what I had done to my mouth, spend a good ten minutes washing my mouth out, and if there were any residues on my teeth or tongue, making sure I opened my mouth as little as possible for the rest of the day, then gone home cringing inside my heart.


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