Toxic INFP thoughts

As INFPs it’s important to notice some very toxic, destructive thoughts that can grow in our minds.

Here are some of mine + ways to turn them around:


I have a tendency to “prepare for failure”. For example I will not act my best during a date so this way if my date does not go well I can say it’s because of this. Or I will not give my 100% at work just in case they fire me, then I won’t have lost unnecessary energy in this job.

It is a way to protect myself because I am so scared of failure, so I expect it to avoid being deceived.

Solution: Accept that failure is part of life and not the end of the world.


I will often do the least effort. I often see my mental/physical energy like a limited resource.

Solution: Realize that energy is not limited. In fact, the more you give out to the world, the more energy goes back to you. The more alive you feel.


I am very hard on myself and on other people. I have such high idealism that I always see how I or others could be better. I see flaws like something wrong and sometimes even get mad at people for ridiculous unimportant things.

Solution: See flaws as part of being human. Imperfection is perfectly normal and acceptable.


Over-thinking and useless worrying. I can make a huge deal of an absolutely irrelevant situation.

Solution: Notice when your mind starts circling around negative thoughts. It goes nowhere and serves nothing except bringing you down. The situation imagined is not at all reality. Stop – and move on. ( this one takes practice but definitely works!! )

Image: Sarah Eis Art

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