INFP tip #35

I just mentioned this in my last post, but I think it is worth a post of it’s own.

INFPs have a bad tendency to over-think and worry.

Luckily, the mind is malleable. You can train your mind to worry less.

The first thing you have to do is notice when you start spiraling into a negative pattern.

Note: sometimes thinking deeply about a situation brings good ideas and insight. You have to notice when your thinking is constructive or destructive.

When you notice you are starting to worry about something, you have to stop it. But it is easier said than done. What you need to do, to quiet your mind, is to rationalize the situation. This will completely kill the subjective thoughts you are imagining in your head. ( And this is the magic word: imagined. None of the thoughts you are having are concrete, actual facts. They are product of your imagination, irrational fears. )

Once you realize that, you will also notice that you are not only hurting yourself, you are also literally wasting time, thinking of this.

You will feel extremely relieved and free when you learn to control your thoughts.

Image: piero fornasetti

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