INFP tip #22

Image: Todaytripper

As INFPs, we are more about intuition than sensing. We think a lot about future possibilities. Sometimes we are deep thinking so much, we forget about the concrete, the right now.

This is why meditation is something every INFP (it’s good for everybody regardless of type, but still, VERY good for intuitive types) should practice.

Meditation helps to refocus on the present moment. It helps to reconnect with the body, and clears the mind. 

Try to make conscious efforts during your day, to reconnect with the present moment.

There are lots of meditation tutorials online. All you have to do is make yourself comfortable, in a quiet environment. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your belly. Focus on the air in and out of your body. You can count every breathing to help you focus on the breathing and mute any other thoughts. The goal is to focus on your body sensations in the present moment.


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