Your true self

Deep down you know.

You know who you really are, and what you really want from life.

You have the chance to be very aware of your inner feelings. 

The answer is in you.

Maybe now is not the time. Maybe you have to start slow.

Maybe you know your true way is far from the path you are used to take.

And it’s scary.

I am not saying you should throw everything away.

I am just advising you to keep an eye on this inner feeling.

The strange but certain pull of what you love.

Never shut it down.

Keep it close.

And when it’s the time, when you are ready, you can start walking this way.

Becoming who you really are takes courage. Often, it means going for the unknown. Leaving people and things behind. Leaving things behind to make space for the new. But it is worth it.

I will go find my true self when I sense it’s the time. And I will be happy.


2 thoughts on “Your true self

  1. Relate so much! I KNOW EXACTLY who I am SUPPOSED to be. I feel it in my gut. I just KNOW – and I feel that pull that you said about 100%. I know I’m supposed to be outdoors, in a warm country, travelling around, being carefree, working with animals and in nature… I know I’m supposed to be exploring the world, and I know that it is supposed to be not just a hobby, but my lifestyle. I know I’m not supposed to be STUCK HERE on a 3+ YEAR DEGREE in bloody LONDON. I know I’m not. It just isn’t me. I know it isn’t where my true happiness lies – but I can’t give it up.

    I can’t just walk away from it. I need and want my degree, and I am enjoying learning an interesting subject (Astrophysics) in such depth. I know I’ll be better off with my degree. But… Travel is where my heart lies. I’m very slowly introducing more travel to my life – during half terms and the Summer holidays etc. I don’t know – maybe after my bachelor degree I will move abroad for a year or something, before continuing with a master’s degree.

    I don’t know, but I totally feel you!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for reading!

      I think the important thing is you never lose touch of this feeling. You can’t just throw everything away and go live your life we are not in a movie, but just keep this vision as a guide. Do what you have to do, and keep it in your heart, slowly life will take the path you need if you stay true to you. 🙂


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