INFP tip #26

Exteriorize that beautiful soul you’ve got.

It’s an introvert thing: Very often people will never have the chance to get to know us enough for us to show them our true self. We don’t share our deep emotions with everyone, and it’s too bad.

Unfortunately we can even look the opposite of who we really are from an external point of view. 

To people who don’t know us, we can appear very cold, un-emotional, empty…

While inside we are full of ideas, emotions, idealism…we care a lot.

That’s why, if you are INFP, you have to make an effort everyday to show a little bit more of yourself. It doesn’t have to be a lot. It can be a simple smile when you feel good. Or expressing your feelings in words.

You have a lot to offer, you have good, strong values, you are unique, and you should not be the only one knowing that.

When your external world aligns a little more with your internal world, you will feel great.


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