INFP tip #29

A lot of times INFPs will not make a decision until they have explored all possibilities. We will look for tons of different opinions, we will research on the topic for days until we even can start to make up our minds.

It’s not a bad thing to be informed, and careful. The thing is, sometimes, INFPs are too careful. Our idealist self sees even a small decision as a big statement. Also, we value authenticity above all, and want to be sure our actions align with our deepest beliefs.

This whole thought process is very honorable, but it puts tons of unnecessary pressure on you.

Here is what we should remember:

It’s ok to change your mind. It does not make your new opinion less important or real. Don’t wait until you are absolutely certain, because you will be waiting forever. Things change. Own it for now. Live on it fully in this moment, and don’t feel bad for evolving into an other point of view later in life. It’s ok to grow, it’s ok to transform. It does not make you less authentic or real. It makes you human.

Image: Amy Judd Art

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