INFP tip #33

INFPs have the ability to see all possibilities in life. We are tireless dreamers.

We have trouble with commitment for this reason.

When we make a decision, we feel like we just closed so many doors at the same time.

Train your brain to see decision-making positively.

When you don’t make a choice, you have the illusion of possibility. The truth is, you are not moving forward. Nothing happens. 

Here is what you need to do. And it is very hard for INFP. But it is very important. :

Make choices. Commit to these choices. Give your 100% in a direction. Give it time. See where it leads you.

Then, you can make a new decision, that might or might not go in the same direction.

This is how you learn, grow and accomplish things in life.

Don’t stop dreaming. Just start acting towards your dreams.

Image: Louise Jones 

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