INFP tip #36

Don’t believe everything you think.

Take control of your mind. Too often we will imagine the worst is to come and waste so much time worrying. Not everything you think is true.

So your boss did not say hi to you this morning and you think you did something wrong. /// But the truth is he was focused on a project and simply did not hear you greeting him.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend did not answer the text you sent 2 hours ago and usually they do, so you think maybe they are mad at you or simply bored with you and don’t want to talk to you anymore. /// But in fact they were just busy at school or maybe they were having a conversation with a friend they have not seen in a while and you will get that message soon enough.

If you are worried about something, you have to go after facts to clarify. And until you have the facts, calm your mind and make some space for the good thoughts.

Also, very important: Sometimes we lie to ourselves because we are scared to know the truth.

Don’t be scared to know the truth.

It hurts less than lying to yourself. 

Don’t hide from the truth. Seek the truth.



Be direct

There are billions of people on this planet, and so there are billions of different interpretations of the world. We cannot assume, we have to go after facts.


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