INFP tip #38

You are more than a 4 letters personality.

I often see people in forums being very upset about their personality, saying they wish they were another type, being disappointed in themselves…

I was one of them not so long ago.

It’s true, being INFP is not always easy. It often seems like society is not made for us and we are aliens to most other people. It’s not totally wrong, because we are one of the rare types. Also, most of us prefer staying home and won’t speak out so often in public,or even hide our true selves from others in fear of being rejected. That makes in even harder for us to find people who understand us.

You have to remember you are more than INFP. You are not stuck in only 4 functions. You can develop inferior functions. You can learn and grow. You can become a better version of you. With each experience, good or bad, you have the choice to stay where you are or to evolve. 


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