INFP tip #39: Plant a seed

INFPs are also called the idealist type. We always see how a situation could be better. The good side of this is we are great to come up with new ideas and inspirations. We are very inspired and inspiring.

What we need to be careful with, is our critical nature. Because we have this vision of perfection, we are often unsatisfied with what we have in the present moment.

This is why we can be very hard on ourselves. We see flaws and negative aspects, we see imperfections and we want to be better.

We can develop very negative thoughts, and a very negative speech.

When you say something negative about yourself to someone else, their vision of you becomes tainted with this negative thought.

Things you think, and say, plant seeds in your mind and in other people’s mind, and they will act on them. This is where the famous quotes from Gandhi come from, on how thoughts become reality.

It is true, and very important, especially for our type.

Be kind to yourself, accept your flaws, it’s no big deal. When you have a positive vision of yourself, you become this vision.

What you believe has more power than what you wish or hope for.

You become what you believe.


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