INFP tip #40

INFPs have a strong sense of feeling and intuition. In my last posts, I’ve talked about how this can bring us to make false assumptions about situations or people. Sometimes our feelings are right, sometimes they are wrong, and the only way to be sure of it, is to go after the facts.

It’s true, INFPs are part of the types who are good at decoding other people’s minds. 

We often assume others are able to read people, just like we do. But it’s not the case. The danger with this is that we can easily have our actions or words misinterpreted.

We have to make the effort of expressing our feelings. We have to communicate our thoughts clearly.

Of course, when you are with your INFP or INTJ friends, you can be more quiet, and speak with your eyes ( and this is great ! ). But it’s always a good thing to be aware of other people’s communication style, for healthy relationships.

Too often, INFPs feel misunderstood, not taken seriously enough – or too seriously. Sometimes people will assume we are cold when we are just shy. INFPs are often underestimated. 

But you can change that if you express yourself more and show who you are inside.

You have a lot to offer the world.

Image: Alexandra Levasseur

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