INFPs are self-centered?

If you read about Myers Briggs and INFPs, you probably see this statement a lot: INFPs are self-centered. And if you are an INFP, you might not be so sure this is true.

When we hear “self-centered”, we often understand arrogant, egoistical, attention-seeking etc.

What I found is that the INFP way of being self-centered, is different.

INFPs have a tendency to live inside their heads. Sometimes we get so absorbed in our own thoughts, we forget to enjoy the outside world!

We have to let go our thoughts, from time to time, and simply enjoy what is there, where we are, and pay more attention to the exterior. Experience without analyzing everything.

Another aspect of self-centered INFPs is the dangerous habit of thinking all eyes are on us. This makes us way too aware of our smallest actions. We can become very anxious about small things that most people won’t even notice!

When I am at work, and someone is angry, my mind goes automatically in “what have I done wrong?” mode. When I see two people in a room speaking in a low voice, I wonder “are they talking about me?”.

Most of the time, it’s not even about me at all.

We need to take it easy. Try to see the big picture. Step outside of our minds.Stop worrying about small stuff. Stop taking the blame for everything. And just live.


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