You know these very special moments when you feel at peace? Maybe the last time you really felt relaxed and good was during your last vacation, walking on the seaside in the evening, feet in the sand, listening to the waves. Maybe it was that Sunday morning with your lover, baking some cookies and eating them in bed while watching your favorite show. Or just walking the dog on a sunny day, when the weather is just perfect, with the sun on you skin and a fresh wind blowing. For a moment, the tension is gone. You can finally breathe, … Continue reading Anxiety

What meditation taught me

A lot of meditation guides will tell you something like: Focus on your breath, on he sensations of your body, and let the thoughts flow freely. The moment you feel like you are going deeper in anxious thoughts or feelings, you should focus back on the present moment, the breath, the body. What they don’t always put emphasis on is why it seems to work so well. The idea is really to detach from the feelings. Make a habit of addressing your feelings like they are something outside of your true self. You are not anxiety. You notice feeling of … Continue reading What meditation taught me