Taming your anxiety

There are days when I just feel bad for no apparent reason. I just feel tense, unable to do anything, mind racing, negative thoughts all over. When this happens, two things help me get a little break from my mind. 1 I get out.  In moments of anxiety, it almost feels like I can’t do anything, and I keep thinking and thinking, while staying there and then I start feeling disappointed with myself for doing nothing, and my thoughts start to pile up in my head, so I freeze, I am petrified, I am stuck. It’s not so easy at … Continue reading Taming your anxiety

Stop feeling sorry

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee. We met not too long ago at work, and we got along very well so we wanted to see each other outside of work. You know when you just feel right with someone and it just clicks? New friendship. Friendship coup de foudre. Anyways, So we met and spent the day together. She is a great listener, and I feel very at ease with her so I opened up a lot. We end up talking about very personal stuff, I even told her I lost my father to cancer 2 years ago and it’s … Continue reading Stop feeling sorry

How to become more self-confident

Confidence is not something you are born with, it’s not something that you either have or don’t. Anyone can feel confident and at ease, it’s a mindset. I have a very simple question for you: Why would you not be confident? Why not? Think about it for a second… what’s the reason really? the reason why you don’t speak your mind when you want to, the reason why you don’t go to that event even though you would love to? – There is no good reason for you to not enjoy your life fully, and be proud of who you are. The … Continue reading How to become more self-confident

INFP tip #72: Balance

INFPs are the best at daydreaming, we can spend a whole day just overthinking and dreaming and then we don’t know why but we feel down… And we stay there and try to find a solution in our heads. But it keeps getting worse and we have not moved a inch. The truth is, as good as it is to do some introspection and think of all kinds of ideas, sometimes we need to go back in the real world and care for the basic, simple stuff. What I mean is, you won’t feel better just by digging deeper inside … Continue reading INFP tip #72: Balance

INFP tip #71: Your Powers

*sad violin soundtrack intro* (this is going to start like a sad story but I want to be honest with you) – As INFP, I sometimes feel down because I can’t see my own value in the world. It’s easier to see it in some types: ENFPs bring people together, are very loved leaders, and always share many creative ideas. They have lots of energy and social skills. INTPs are problem solvers, have very ingenious and creative ways to find solutions. They are focused and very witty. And then here we are, in the middle: INFP. I am not as extroverted … Continue reading INFP tip #71: Your Powers

INFP tip #70

INFPs are one of the types who have the hardest time making decisions. We always see the good and the bad in every situation, and we always think of the “what if”s. It makes it really hard for us to make up our minds. And it’s scary, when you are not sure, and you have to make a choice. Two weeks ago I made the hardest decision of my life: I left my job to start working as a freelancer. I chose to leave something that was good, for an unknown situation, that could be better or worse. The most important … Continue reading INFP tip #70

INFP tip #69

INFPs primary mode is introverted feeling. That means: We are in our heads a lot. We have a tendency to overthink. To us every single thought generates 2 more. And we can get almost paralyzed by our thoughts. Creating invisible barriers and being unable to take action. We have to be careful about this, and push ourselves to take action. To live in the moment. Don’t wait to have all the answers before you make a move. Don’t create un-necessary barriers in your mind. The best way to know if you should do something is sometimes to simply do it, and see … Continue reading INFP tip #69