INFP tip #69

INFPs primary mode is introverted feeling. That means: We are in our heads a lot. We have a tendency to overthink. To us every single thought generates 2 more. And we can get almost paralyzed by our thoughts. Creating invisible barriers and being unable to take action. We have to be careful about this, and push ourselves to take action. To live in the moment. Don’t wait to have all the answers before you make a move. Don’t create un-necessary barriers in your mind. The best way to know if you should do something is sometimes to simply do it, and see … Continue reading INFP tip #69

INFP tip #68

Focus less on what you think others think, and more on your own beliefs. Take time to define your personal values, what you believe in, who you are. You don’t know what others think. You don’t know until you ask them and even then in some cases you still don’t. That’s why you have to focus on you and not others. This is how you will get stability in your life. A sense of confidence, calm and focus. Continue reading INFP tip #68

INFP tip #67 :Managing emotions

Feelers and intuitives types can have a tendency to go in the extremes emotionally. Good news will make us feel like we are on top of the world, and we could start thousands of new projects, and do anything. Bad news will throw us down, make us start doubting every single thing about ourselves, make us feel like giving up everything, feeling lost and confused. It can start from a bad conversation with a friend, or a simple disagreement with sa colleague at work, and there we are, starting to question all of our life choices! We have very fertile … Continue reading INFP tip #67 :Managing emotions

It’s not personal

Some of us are sensitive creatures. It’s easy to feel hurt when someone is rude with us, for example. Be careful not to take things to personal. There are millions of reasons for someone to be mean. Millions of reasons that are not related to you. But I know it’s hard to think that in the moment. I found a way to help people who, like me, have a tendency to take things personal. It’s simple: Don’t just look at how the person acts towards you. Notice how they act with others, too. You will realize that, most of the … Continue reading It’s not personal

INFP #66 : intuition and gut feelings

INFPs are naturally very connected with their feelings. Unfortunately over time we tend to slowly lose that connection because we have to adapt a lot to the exterior world. Society being built on the complete opposite type (ESTJ), we can slowly loose touch of our true desires, as we evolve and grow in a more materialistic, rational, exuberant, fast-paced world. We should always keep our true desires in mind. Listen to you heart. It’s very subtle but you really do know the answers deep inside. You can do the exercise of thinking of two possibilities and observing your inner feeling … Continue reading INFP #66 : intuition and gut feelings


You know these very special moments when you feel at peace? Maybe the last time you really felt relaxed and good was during your last vacation, walking on the seaside in the evening, feet in the sand, listening to the waves. Maybe it was that Sunday morning with your lover, baking some cookies and eating them in bed while watching your favorite show. Or just walking the dog on a sunny day, when the weather is just perfect, with the sun on you skin and a fresh wind blowing. For a moment, the tension is gone. You can finally breathe, … Continue reading Anxiety